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Arizona Soap Supply — How To's


How To's Making Soap At Home

Soap Making Chemistry Norm and I  have been asked a few times “What is the chemistry behind making soap?” Without getting too involved and making your eyes glaze over, here is what happens... Soap making is a reaction between an acid, your oils or fats, and a base, sodium or potassium hydroxide.  We know that It may be hard to imagine your coconut oil as an acid, but because of it's molecular structure and placement of hydrogen, it is! Have you heard of fatty acids? The base has a hydroxide ion (OH) and a sodium or potassium ion that does not...

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A Guide to Soap Making for Beginners

How To's Soap Making Supplies

Soap Making for Beginners Guide Without a doubt, soap making is a hobby that is both fun and practical. Not only will you be able to get some pleasure and enjoyment out of making soap crafts, but you will also be to use the soap instead of spending money on store-bought products. If you're interested in adopting soap making as a hobby, here is brief guide to this craft for beginners. Soap Making Supplies Before you can make quality soap on your own, you need to have the right soap making ingredients and  supplies. Of course, different types of soaps...

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How to make organic soap

Cold Process Soap Making Hot Process Soap Making How To's Organic SoapMaking post2

Making Organic Soap People have been making soap for centuries and, for much of human history, the only soap you could get was organic soap made at home. Today, there is a large commercial market for mass produced, chemical-laden soaps. However, use of these chemical-ridden soaps can have many negative side effects. Homemade organic soap is a safe, viable alternative to the harmful chemical soaps available for purchase in stores. There are two main processes you can choose from to make organic soap, and a great variety of ingredients you can use for making organic soap at home. Hot and Cold...

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Our Soap Making Classes Offer Informative Fun!

Cold Process Soap Making How To's post1 Soap Making Classes

Soap Making Classes in Arizona for Cold Process Arizona Soap Supply offers classes in cold process soap making in Chandler, AZ. Our soap making expert, Joanna Couch, leads our soap making classes and teaches you all you need to know about making cold process soaps. The class also includes an Arizona Soap Supply’s Nekked AZ soap kit, with the  premixed oils and lye water you’ll need to make your own soap! The Process Cold soap making is a process by which soap is rendered without heat. Our soap making classes give you safe, step by step instructions for the handling the lye water...

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