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Arizona Soap Supply — Making Soap At Home


How To's Making Soap At Home

Soap Making Chemistry Norm and I  have been asked a few times “What is the chemistry behind making soap?” Without getting too involved and making your eyes glaze over, here is what happens... Soap making is a reaction between an acid, your oils or fats, and a base, sodium or potassium hydroxide.  We know that It may be hard to imagine your coconut oil as an acid, but because of it's molecular structure and placement of hydrogen, it is! Have you heard of fatty acids? The base has a hydroxide ion (OH) and a sodium or potassium ion that does not...

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Steps to Making Soap at Home

Making Soap At Home

Soap Making at Home Those of you looking for a fun project may wish to try making soap at home. While the basic process of soap making is not complicated, it is important to follow the recipe for each different type of soap to a tee. This includes weighing all of your soap making ingredients carefully, ensuring each ingredient is at the proper temperature and stirring continuously until the perfect consistency is reached. 1. Decide What Type of Soap You’d Like to Create Before you begin mixing, you need to decide what type of soap you wish to make. The simplest...

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Arizona Soap Supply for ALL your Soap Making-related needs

Making Soap At Home Soap Maker Businesses Soap Making Supplies

Soap Making Supplies for Soapers/Soap Makers If you are in the business of soap making, whether it be a hobby, a small business or a large enterprise, need to go to Arizona Soap Supply for all of your needs. Arizona Soap Supply is a seller based in Arizona  that sells any product you may need for your soap making. For those of you trying to make specialty soaps, Arizona Soap Supply has many different oils available for purchase. Some include: Olive oil, coconut oil, Castor oil, and many more types available for both scented and aromatherapy purposes. Arizona Soap Supply...

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