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How To's Making Soap At Home

Soap Making Chemistry

Norm and I  have been asked a few times “What is the chemistry behind making soap?”

Without getting too involved and making your eyes glaze over, here is what happens...

Soap making is a reaction between an acid, your oils or fats, and a base, sodium or potassium hydroxide.  We know that It may be hard to imagine your coconut oil as an acid, but because of it's molecular structure and placement of hydrogen, it is! Have you heard of fatty acids?

The base has a hydroxide ion (OH) and a sodium or potassium ion that does not take part in the reaction.  When you combine your acid and soap base the reaction begins.

The triglycerides in the acid (oil) release a glycerol molecule (this turns into glycerin). The fatty acids in the mix are now free to combine with the hydroxide ions from the base to form a salt. This  “salt” is your beautiful soap. 

How to Make Soap

Soap making is that Easy!!

If you are interested in learning more about soapmaking, maybe it's time to start! Stop by our Arizona Soap Supply showroom so you can learn how to make soap at home or for a business!

Please  join our Arizona Soap Supply Facebook Group Forum or take our next Soap Making For Beginners Class so you can learn more about the chemistry of soap making (and take some soap samples, like these, home with you!)   

Happy Soaping!

Da Norms :)

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