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Soap Making News for Arizona April 2016 Newsletter

Soap Making Discounts Soap Making Newsletter

April Soap Making Newsletter for Arizona Soap Supply

Thank you for sharing your email address on our new website!  As promised, each month, we will bring you soap supply product updates, soap making tips and new or featured products - along with at least one MONEY SAVING DISCOUNT for you to use every month! This month, we're talking about how to get started in your fun soap making endeavor, and are giving you some ways (yes, SAVING $$$ is one of them!!)  to try out a new hobby or a new soap making product! Norma and I, and the rest of the Arizona Soap Supply crew, hope you enjoy this first newsletter. We look forward to seeing you soon at our EXPANDED store, and wish you happy soaping!!

P.S. See bottom of this Blog for your APRIL Discount!! "Free" is good, right??!!!

Soap Making for Beginners

Without a doubt, soap making is a hobby that is both fun and practical! Not only will you be able to get enjoyment out of making something creative, but you will also be able to use these handmade, natural soaps instead of spending money on store-bought, chemical-filled products

If you’re interested in adopting soap making as a hobby, here is a brief guide to this craft for beginners.  Read more by clicking here!

Soap Making Classes

Norma's Soap Making for Beginners Class March 2016Just read our lovely blog and still not quite sure how to start creating beautiful or organic soaps at your home just yet?  Or maybe you want to improve upon your basic skills with a few different products.  Then, YOU  are in luck!   This month, we are running an April special!!!  Sign up for a soap making class and receive $10 off your registration!!! Just use coupon code: learnsoap1016 at checkout!!!
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AZ Soap Supply Facebook Group

 Soap Maker Forum Facebook Group

Interested in joining a private forum to share soap making tips and tricks with other soapmakers? Also, want QUICK access to exclusive deals that happen a few times a week so you don't have to wait once a month for this super-fun newsletter???? Then stop the presses,and sign up NOW in order to join our CLOSED Facebook Group!!

Get $5 off your next order of $25 worth of soap supplies -April ONLY! Use coupon code: aprilsoap16 at checkout.

Start shopping for soap supplies here! Coupon Expires 4/30/16


This Soap Making Newsletter brought to you by Da Norms, your favorite Arizona Soap Supply Team!  If questions,we are standing by... to talk soap making and soap supply shopping! :)

Happy Soaping!

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