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South Beach Fragrance Oil
Mad Oils

South Beach Fragrance Oil

Regular price $6.50
We had our perfumer make this for us....

We desperately needed to add this unique blend to our collection, being that we are a Florida-based company and only 80 miles north of South Beach, Miami

Truly Tropical.  The initial blast is all fruit:  Chunks of ripe cantaloupe and fresh juicy cut watermelon.  Then comes the sweetness... pure sugarcane, the kind you can buy at an open farmer's market.  Sold by the stalk, that you chew on, squishing it between your teeth and sucking the sweet juice from its stick. Then the gentle aroma of thick, meaty petals of fragrant blooming Lilies and...the ocean breeze.


One single drum yields 25 lbs. of fragrance.  LEAD TIME: approximately 2 weeks.  Please plan your product production schedule accordingly.


IFRA Certificate for South Beach Fragrance


phthalate free? YES

0% Vanillin

Flashpoint:  200° F



SOAP NOTES:      Dreamy to soap with.  No acceleration.

Our recommended usage rates:  

CP soap:  1-2 oz per lb. of oil

MP soap:  1-2 oz per lb. of soap base

Bath and Body products: 1-3%



4 oz:  $ 11.75

16 oz:  $ 31.95

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