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Sea Island Grapefruit Fragrance Oil
Mad Oils

Sea Island Grapefruit Fragrance Oil

Regular price $6.50

Ruby red grapefruits have a sparkling zing with tart and tang that we all love.  This fragrance oil is just gorgeous out of the bottle.  It smells like a freshly cut, juicy grapefruit.


One single drum yields 25 lbs. of fragrance.  LEAD TIME: approximately 2 weeks.  Please plan your product production schedule accordingly.


IFRA Certificate for Sea Island Grapefruit fragrance

Vanillin 0%  -  Won't turn your soaps brown!

Phthalate Free!

Flash Point:   180° F (will ship FedEx Ground)


Soap Notes:

Tested in cold process soap:  NO ricing or seizing.  Plenty of time to play. 

Our recommended usage rates:  

CP soap:  1-2 oz per lb. of oil

MP Soap: 1-2 oz.per pound of soap base

Bath and Body products: 1-4%



4 oz:  $ 13.65

16 oz:  $ 34.95

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