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Hedonic Tonic Fragrance Oil
Mad Oils

Hedonic Tonic Fragrance Oil

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This libidinous fragrance is sure to get your pheromones flowing. With hints of sage and light subtle minty undertone, this energizing potion is decidedly decadent. Men are drawn to this scent when asked to choose a fragrance for themselves.

Concocted in our pleasure lab, Hedonic Tonic will not disappoint.  Super fresh and perfect for the warmer months!  Smells unique and yet.... something familiar is in there.


One single drum yields 25 lbs. of fragrance.  LEAD TIME: approximately 2 weeks.  Please plan your product production schedule accordingly.


Vanillin 0%  -   won't turn your products brown!

Phthalate Free

Flash Point:   180º F


IFRA Certificate for The New Hedonic Tonic - as of 5/5/15

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the New Hedonic Tonic - as of 5/15/15


New formulation: 6/2015


We test our fragrances in cold process soap made atroom temperature.  You will have different results if you soap at a warmer temperature or with hard oils/butters.

Our findings:  No ricing, seizing or acceleration. Soaps beautifully, leaving plenty of time to work with colors. 

 Our recommended usage rates:

    • Cold Process Soap:  1 oz per lb. of oil in batch
    • Melt + Pour Soap:  1 oz per lb. of soap base
    • Bath and body products:  1-3%



Our testers are raving about this scent and what a great scent throw it has.  Both para-soy wax blend and soy/beeswax blend container candles and wax tarts have been tested.  

Tested at 7-8% usage rate and also 6% with a different tester.  Both loved it.

Multiple testers give this one a 10 out of 10 for scent throw.



4 oz:  $ 10.95

16 oz:  $ 29.75

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